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Hi skorey I like you chanelle pls put uk money
Pls add uk money

Pls put uk money because otherwise I cant get your merch and I really want the ophelia box


Hii skorys so i wanted to get the ophelia box but the problem is im indonesian and the price in indonesian rupiah is almost 1 million but do you accept indonesian rupiah?? Cuz i need this and its gonna be sold out and you said forever when sold out its not coming backk and you were my childhood so i need this box pleaseee reply to me if you accept indonesian rupiah thank you!!


So this was crazy and I can’t believe u r reading this but I am ur BIGGEST FAN I WARCH U 24 -7AMD EDEN UR SASSY IS LIKE YASSS QUEEN AND ya u r the best ever!!!

Jessica Burns
Neat box.

Very cool box, nice book and journal. The maze with "stickers?" In it not so great. Wish it had more to it for $65+. My 7 year old watches skorys non stop and couldn't wait for this box & she wasn't super please.

Like it can't wait for next one big fan of the skorys

I finally figured out how to open the cube maze box and I got the gems out and they were really cool. Other then the cube maze box I liked all the other stuff too especially the notebook. I'm writing my own book in the notebook. But not just that I enjoyed everything else. Thanks again Skorys for the advice to open the cube maze box. I can't wait for the next one hopefully their will be another one. I may order some more stuff of the website. Thanks again. Skorys rock. biggest fan!